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Cover for Yoga for Healthy Aging

Yoga for Healthy Aging

A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being

Baxter Bell, Nina Zolotow


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Age gracefully with a steady yoga practice—this definitive “user-friendly book” offers “a wealth of information” on how to use yoga to support your physical, mental, and emotional health for a lifetime (Timothy McCAll MD, author of Yoga As Medicine)

Everyone would like to age with as much strength and grace as possible and now numerous studies confirm what many yoga practitioners have known for a long time: yoga practice has a remarkable impact on physical and mental health—and spiritual well-being—as you grow older. Yoga for Healthy Aging is the definitive resource on how to use yoga to foster your physical, mental, and emotional health for a lifetime.

Baxter Bell, MD, and Nina Zolotow, respected yoga teachers and authors of the popular “Yoga for Healthy Aging” blog, explain how yoga can address concerns related to strength, flexibility, balance, agility, cardiovascular health, brain health, and stress management, among other issues. They offer a safe, real-world yoga program to suit your particular needs, which includes poses, breathing practices, meditation, and yoga philosophy. Their program was developed in consultation with scientific and medical experts on aging, and allow you to focus on maintaining overall physical health and/or addressing target problem areas. Yoga for Healthy Aging is a yoga toolbox that will set you up for a lifetime of emotional and spiritual well-being.

Praise For Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being

“Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotow share a wealth of information on using yoga safely to age with greater flexibility, strength, balance, and grace, both physically and psychologically. This user-friendly book will be a boon to yoga practitioners (and would-be practitioners), as well as those who teach them.”
—Timothy McCall MD, author of Yoga As Medicine

“We might imagine from the title that this is a book only for the seniors among us. But in fact, the practices and supporting material will benefit both young and old alike. It will help the former establish a solid foundation for their future well-being and teach the latter how to maintain that well-being long into their ‘golden’ years.”
—Richard Rosen, author of Yoga FAQ

“All the yoga in the world will not stop us from getting older, but it can help us approach the journey with more grace, agility, and assuredness. Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotow show us how in Yoga for Healthy Aging. Conversational style and gentle humor make their comprehensive medical knowledge and yoga teaching wisdom easily accessible to everyone—from beginning students to advanced teachers. And I love that they've given us concrete ways of celebrating who we are—instead of dreading what we fear we'll become—with each passing decade. A true gift for all ages.”
—Linda Sparrowe, author of The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health and Yoga at Home

“Between the two of them are more than 35 years of expertise, and an inestimable welling up of caring for us people as we age.  The combination of experience, medical knowledge, and imaginative empathy make this book as warm and interesting as it is useful.”
—Loren Fishman, MD, founder of

Shambhala, 9781611803853, 336pp.

Publication Date: December 12, 2017

About the Author

Baxter Bell, MD, teaches yoga in the US and internationally and trains yoga teachers and yoga therapists. In his complementary medical practice, he combines his experience as a family physician with acupuncture and therapeutic yoga.
Nina Zolotow is editor-in-chief of the “Yoga for Healthy Aging” blog. She is a long-time yoga writer and a certified yoga teacher. She is the coauthor, with Rodney Yee, of Yoga: The Poetry of the Body and Moving toward Balance.