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Cover for Forever Year

Forever Year

Lou Aronica


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Jesse Sienna doesn't believe that love can last. His parents marriage was caring but passionless, and his own romantic history tells him that love can burn bright, but that it cannot burn for long. So when his elderly father, Mickey, moves in with him and seems unable to understand Jesse's no-strings-attached relationship with Marina, his current girlfriend, Jesse barely pays attention. It's just another example of how different they are and more evidence that he and his father will never connect on any meaningful level.
But the truth is, Mickey Sienna knows more about love than most people learn in a lifetime. More than half a century ago, he discovered the endless rewards of investing your heart and soul in someone...and he knows the devastating costs of letting the perfect someone slip by.
When Mickey sees Jesse taking an extraordinary woman for granted, he decides it's time to tell Jesse his story a story he's never shared with any of his children before. It is a story that will change both of them profoundly.
At once a stirring family drama and a touching romance, THE FOREVER YEAR is filled with richly drawn characters and powerful situations. You will respond personally to the people you meet in this novel, and you will find yourself deeply enmeshed in their stories. And you might find yourself looking at love in a new way.

Story Plant, 9781611881004, 366pp.

Publication Date: September 10, 2013