Activate Your Vagus Nerve (Paperback)

Unleash Your Bodyas Natural Ability to Overcome Gut Sensitivities, Inflammation, Autoimmunity, Brain Fog, Anxiety and

By Navaz Habib

Ulysses Press, 9781612438740, 192pp.

Publication Date: April 2, 2019

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Repair your vagus nerve and experience amazing health and wellness benefits

Your vagus nerve is the largest and most important nerve in your body. It carries messages to and from your brain, gut, heart and other major muscles and organs. In turn, the vagus nerve can affect a wide variety of bodily functions including heart rate, feeling full after finishing a meal, bladder control, and so much more. However, common issues like inflammation, stress or physical trauma can interfere with the nerve's ability to function.

Luckily, there are tons of quick and easy ways to activate and exercise the nerve, strengthening its function and restoring your body to good health. Packed with easy-to-follow exercises and activities, this book will show you how to unlock the power of the vagus nerve to heal your body and get back to a state of balance.

About the Author

Upon discovering functional medicine, Dr. Navaz Habib uncovered the root causes of his health conditions and overcame them using simple lifestyle changes and daily practices. He has lost 75 pounds, and overcome borderline diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS and sleep apnea to revitalize his life and his health. Dr. Habib has worked with thousands of patients, helping them address the root cause of their health conditions. He works to identify the underlying causes of energy issues, hormone-based conditions, autoimmune diseases and metabolic concerns, and uses simple daily lifestyle changes to create positive health outcomes with the support of the team at the Living Proof Institute.