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The Three Little Pigs Teach Growth Mindset

Hands-On Activities and Open-Ended Questions For Developing Grit, Adaptability and Creative Thinking In K-5 Classrooms (Growth Mindset for Teachers)

Will Hussey, Barry Hymer


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Who's Afraid of a Big Growth Mindset?

You know the story of the three little pigs. But you’ve never explored it like this. Here are 60 challenging pig-related classroom exercises that will ask your students to try, try again, make mistakes, have false starts, persist, sweat, struggle and eventually succeed. It may make their brains hurt, but it is a hurting brain that is a growing brain.

While this book uses the story of the three little pigs, it really isn’t about the pigs and the wolf. It’s about helping your students develop a growth mindset by getting them to think between, above, below, around and beyond the lines. And once they’ve grown their brains by working through the challenges in this book, they will be ready to accept new challenges and to keep growing more and more neural connections.

Ulysses Press, 9781612439020, 192pp.

Publication Date: April 2, 2019

About the Author

Will Hussey is an experienced teacher and author who writes about thinking ... and spy dogs. Will has a degree in physical and adventure education and reckons that’s pretty much how all education should be: sedentary and unadventurous education is not much use to anyone. He’s completed three London marathons and the Snowdon marathon. He’s vowed "never again." He is (almost) a black belt in karate and has a wife and two children who don’t take him too seriously.

Professor Barry Hymer is one of the country’s foremost authorities on cultivating a growth mindset and a much in-demand speaker who has worked closely with Carol Dweck on several UK mindset conference tours. He is interested in helping schools with practical ways to foster growth mindsets in their pupils.