Love Hina Omnibus, Volume 3 (Paperback)

By Ken Akamatsu

Kodansha Comics, 9781612620206, 576pp.

Publication Date: April 24, 2012



Keitaro made a promise to a girl when he was a child - that they would grow up and attend Todai University together. It looks a lot like Naru is that girl - doesn't it? All of a sudden, it looks like it might be Mutsumi, not Naru, that Keitaro made his promise to. What's a poor boy to do? Set up two dates at the same time Then, just when Keitaro thinks he's in the clear, he decides to take the entrace exams for the third time. Only this time, Mutsumi joins him along with Naru Can they get in? Find out in this hilarious third collection of Love Hina
This omnibus edition contains volumes 7, 8, and 9 of Love Hina
Includes special extras after the story.