Last-Minute Survival Secrets (Paperback)

128 Ingenious Tips to Endure the Coming Apocalypse and Other Minor Inconveniences

By Joey Green

Chicago Review Press, 9781613749852, 228pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2014



The Department of Homeland Security advises all citizens to develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan, along with a Disaster Supply Kit . . . but who has the time? Don't panic--it's Joey Green to the rescue Last-Minute Survival Secrets contains more than a hundred ingenious survival tips that may sound quirky at first but really do work. You will discover how to escape perilous situations using common household products: - Start a campfire with potato chips - Create a Wi-Fi antenna from a coffee can - Repair a broken fan belt with a pair of panty hose - Prevent heatstroke with a disposable diaper - Remove cactus spines with Elmer's glue - Open a locked suitcase with a ballpoint pen - And much, much more The book also includes interesting and goofy sidebars related to these survival tactics and fascinating trivia to keep you entertained until FEMA arrives--which may be a while. It's the perfect resource for armchair survivalists, budding MacGyvers, and adventurists on a budget.

About the Author

Joey Green is the author of more than 50 books, including Joey Green's Fix-It Magic, The Ultimate Mad Scientist Handbook, and Polish Your Furniture with Panty Hose. He has written for Rolling Stone, National Lampoon, Time, and more.