Grow Regardless: Of Your Business' Size, Your Industry or the Economy and Despite the Government! (Paperback)

Of Your Business' Size, Your Industry or the Economy and Despite the Government!

By Joe Mechlinski, Charles Green (Foreword by)

Morgan James Publishing, 9781614484356, 161pp.

Publication Date: February 5, 2013



"If you want to get bigger, better, and move past all the excuses, this encouraging and practical book will give you hope and a plan.""
- David Rendall, author of "The Freak Factor "and "The Four Factors of Effective Leadership"
"""Grow Regardless" is practical and compelling... a must read for every business leader trying to compete in this ever-changing financial world. "Grow Regardless" defines our purpose.""
- Bob Compton, CFO, Agora Publishing
"This is a must read, must incorporate, must integrate into your corporate culture manifesto."
- Edwin Warfield, CEO, citybizlist
"""Grow Regardless," provides a unique perspective combining both bottom line numbers with overhauling your culture resulting in a practical guide to revolutionize your organization.""
- Connor Marsden, US Director of CRM, Microsoft
"This book is a treasure... Joe reveals a foundational path to true growth, regardless..."
- David Powell, COO, Federal Business Council, Inc.
Joe Mechlinski is a man with a mission: to help businesses grow regardless of their size, industry, economy, and despite the government.
Growing up in inner-city Baltimore, Joe learned first-hand what it's like to be undervalued and underserved. After graduating from one the worst high schools in Baltimore, Joe attended one of the best colleges in the country, became an entrepreneur and learned one of the most critical steps to growth: people are your most important asset. He now runs an award-wining management consulting firm. For more than ten years he has been sharing this and the other critical strategies for growing regardless with hundreds of companies nationwide.
"Grow Regardless" presents the philosophy behind each step, explains how to implement, and provides exercises to help leaders get started. "Grow Regardless" also features in-depth interviews with successful CEOs talking candidly about their experiences and successes with this method.

About the Author

Joe Mechlinski is a man with a mission: to make a difference by giving voice to America's small- to medium-sized business leaders and teaching them how to grow their organizations regardless of their size, their industry, and the economy. Mechlinski is the awardwinning co-founder and CEO of entreQuest, Inc., a Baltimore management consulting firm that has helped hundreds of companies prosper through some of the worst economic times in American history.

Recognized as a nationwide authority on U.S. small business growth, Mechlinski is a popular speaker, webinar host, business columnist, and nonfiction author. He is also a longstanding business columnist for "The Partner Channel Magazine" and "Smart CEO." He and his company have been featured in "Entrepreneur Magazine," "The Daily Record's" "Successful by 40" list, "The Wall Street Journal" online, and "The Baltimore Business Journal," which named entreQuest one of its "Best Places to Work" in 2011 and 2012. Charles H. Green is the author of the bestselling books, "Trusted Advisor," "The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook, " and "Trust-Based Selling" and is the foremost authority on trust in corporate America.

Charles has an MBA from Harvard and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Columbia. He has been a consultant since 1976 and has been with Trusted Advisor Associates since he founded it in 1997.