Screw Cupid (Paperback)

The Sassy Girl's Guide to Picking Up Hot Guys

By Samantha L. Scholfield

Experiment, 9781615190003, 223pp.

Publication Date: September 8, 2009

List Price: 14.95*
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Screw Cupid is the guide for every woman ready to take her dating life into her own hands. Samantha Scholfield has many years of dating experience, and the techniques and strategies she reveals here were developed via extensive trial and error--and by consulting and collaborating with hundreds of women (and many men), and by refining the best of the extensive pickup advice that already circulates among men. The result: perfectly calibrated guidance on how to initiate a conversation--anytime, anywhere--and get right to a date, all without a guy knowing he's being picked up.

Praise For Screw Cupid: The Sassy Girl's Guide to Picking Up Hot Guys

"Finally! Screw Cupid recognizes how valuable it can be for women to make the first move, and teaches them how to do it."
Dorian Solot, author of I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide

When it comes to dating, nothing can mess with our minds more than the cat and mouse of figuring out who's going to make the first movebut with Screw Cupid: The Sassy Girl's Guide to Picking Up Hot Guys by Samantha Scholfield, you now have some guidance going forth Aside from giving women a pep talk towards the possibility of snagging the man of their dreams with a little bit of bravado and elbow grease, Screw Cupid is great because it offers practical tips on places (other than a bar) to find a suitable mate, discusses ways to use this strategy when online dating, and even offers some potential dialogue to educate the reader on what a successful conversation might look like.”
Nancy Redd, author of Body Drama and AOL Health Insider and Wellness Coach

Witty, self-aware, and filled with practical tips to meeting guys, Screw Cupid is a revelation for anyone still playing by the rules.’ Armed with dozens of real-life examples, Samantha Scholfield illustrates how you can create opportunity with men while still keeping your ego and humor intact. It’s almost as if she’s done all of the embarrassing, trial-and-error research so you don’t have to. Women should rejoiceyou’ve finally found your own answer to The Game.”
Evan Marc Katz, dating coach and author of Why You're Still Single: Things Your Friends Would Tell You If You Promised Not to Get Mad

Screw Cupid chucks the old rules that advise women to wait for men to ask them out. Scholfield is the big sister you’ve always wished you had. She’s honest, encouraging, and gutsy enough to fall on her face (and tell you all about it). Scholfield takes us on a hilarious journey through her own pickup flops and successes, and she’s so endearing and likeable, even those not on the prowl are bound to enjoy the ride.”
Victoria Vantoch, PhD, gender historian

In her book, Screw Cupid: The Sassy Girl's Guide to Picking up Hot Guys, Samantha Scholfield bravely shares her dating experiencethe highs and lows and, more importantly, the insight garnered over many years of dating rejection and redemptionall to improve the love lives of the female population. In this brilliantly crafted, humorous, but hard-hitting book, she distills techniques and strategies developed via extensive trial and error, refining the best of the extensive pickup advice that's already in circulation... With humor and depth, Samantha Scholfield turns her dating lemons into lemonade for our benefit.”

First-time author Scholfield emboldens women to make the first move on their 'hot guy' prospects and provides conversational and pragmatic road maps [with] enjoyable, practical, light fare. It is refreshing to visit successes and failures with someone who admits she was not a 'genetic lottery' winner.”
Library Journal