Healthy, Happy You: 365 Daily Micro-Actions for Lasting Change (Paperback)

365 Daily Micro-Actions for Lasting Change

By Nora Rosendahl, Nelli Lahteenmaki, Aleksi Hoffman

Experiment, 9781615193806, 288pp.

Publication Date: November 29, 2016



"Small, easy steps for big, life-changing results--this book is genius."--Jamie Oliver

Do you want to improve your health, live and love more mindfully, and increase your happiness?

This book makes it easy with 365 micro-actions--fun, achievable goals you can tackle right now. Take it on the go or keep it on your nightstand; do one action every day or dip in and out.

With contributions by Jamie Oliver, Caroline Arnold, Dr. Tara Swart, and others

Healthy, Happy You offers 365 micro-actions, one for each day of the year, grouped under four areas:
  • Food: Prepare a Snack: Today, be ready for the snack attack--pack some veggie sticks or an apple before you head out.
  • Mind: Do Something You Loved as a Kid: Recalling good memories is great for your mood. Even better, relive one
  • Move: Shopping Bag Weight Training: Ditch the cart, hold your shopping bags, and do some bicep curls as you walk.
  • Love: Reach Out to Someone: We all have those friends we've wanted to call for a long time. Grab the phone
Find two minutes today for a Healthy, Happy YOU