The Code of the Woosters (Pre-Recorded Audio Player)

By P. G. Wodehouse, Nicolas Coster (Read by)

Phoenix Audiobooks, 9781615456260

Publication Date: July 1, 2009



This 1938 novel is off to a rollicking start when Aunt Dahlia demands that Bertie Wooster help her dupe an antique dealer into selling her an 18th-century cow creamer. Dahlia trumps Berties objections by threatening to sever his standing invitation to her house for lunch, an unthinkable prospect given Berties devotion to the cooking of her chef, Anatole. A web of complications grows as Berties pal Gussie Fink-Nottle asks for counseling in the matter of his impending marriage to Madeline Bassett. It seems Madeline isnt his only interest; Gussie also wants to study the effects of a full moon on the love life of newts. Added to the cast of eccentrics are Roderick Spode, leader of a fascist organization called the Saviors of Britain, who also wants that cow-creamer, and an unusual man of the cloth known as Rev. H. P. Stinker Pinker. As usual, butler Jeeves becomes a focal point for all the plots and cleverness can rescue Bertie from being arrested, lynched, and engaged by mistake!