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Heart in a Box

Kelly Thompson, Meredith McClaren (Illustrator)


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When the Man with No Name breaks Emma's heart, she wants to die. But you never die from these things; you just want to. In a moment of weakness, she wishes her broken heart away and a mysterious stranger--who may or may not be totally evil--obliges. But emptiness is even worse than grief, and Emma sets out to collect the seven pieces of her heart spread across the country, a journey that forces her to face her own history and the cost of recapturing it, and leads inevitably to a confrontation with the Man with No Name himself!


Heart in a Box serves up a complete story of heartbreak, recovery and the effects those have on the world. Like the butterfly wings of the chaos theory, one person's acts -- random, violent, kind, insincere or hearty -- impact others and multiply in ways and directions that frequently defy description." - Comic Book Resources (CBR)

"This book is magical. It reminds me of so many stories and yet manages to be wholly original. Be good to your heart and grab this comic with both hands." - Big Comic Page

"A slice of life story with magical realism, Heart in a Box is smart storytelling, but it’s also just so very raw. Like real raw." - Women Write About Comics

"With Heart In A Box, Thompson & McClaren pull off the kind of smart story telling and allegory that transcends the genre and medium with a comic that almost anybody could enjoy...Heart In a Box in one of the best comics of 2015 which feels like nothing else in the medium, but is still warm and familiar. It has a casual complexity that is as inviting as it is engaging and emotionally affecting." - Nothing But Comics

"It’s brilliant – so far, it’s one of the two or three best comics I’ve read this year." - Comics Should Be Good

Dark Horse Originals, 9781616556945, 160pp.

Publication Date: September 29, 2015

About the Author

Kelly Thompson has a degree in Sequential Art from The Savannah College of Art & Design. Her love of comics and superheroes have compelled her since she first discovered them as a teenager. Currently living in Manhattan with her boyfriend and absolutely no pets, Kelly aches for a kitten, or even a goldfish. She has a name already picked out, suitable for either.You can find Kelly all over the Internet where she is generally well liked, except where she's detested.Heart In A Box is her first graphic novel for Dark Horse . The author lives in New York, New York.