Raven: The Balance: Book Two (Paperback)

The Balance: Book Two

By Nick Shamhart

Bookbaby, 9781619270879, 342pp.

Publication Date: July 19, 2012


About the Author

Nick Shamhart was born in Sandusky, Ohio on the winter solstice in the years before Americans started electing actors as President. He still lives in that mostly vowel state under protest from half of the voices in his head. The other half could care less where they reside, because they are too busy yammering on endlessly about everything from Sit-Com theme songs to theology and metaphysics. The voices help Nick write his books. If you like his books tell your friends. The voices have many other stories yet to tell. They keep...what?....hold on please....yes, I was just getting to...no...no...look, do you want to do this?...well you can't....no....no....yes, alright. The voices say thanks for reading.