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Cover for Find The Seeker!

Find The Seeker!

The pathless path to fulfillment and happiness

Xuan Lou Genro, Clifford Stevens


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Find the Seeker with the subtitle"The pathless path to fulfillment and happiness," based on the triedand tested wisdom of a living Master and enlightened ones throughout the ages, accompanies us on a life-changing inner pilgrimage.

Find the Seeker is a powerful, straight-talking wake-up call to people of all faiths and confessions, holdingup a mirror to our worldly existence, suffering and the intricate workings ofthe ego. Immensely uplifting and rewarding, the book serves as a travellingcompanion and guide, enticing readers with a vision of what we really are -which can only be directly experienced - by helping us unfold our true natureand reboot our spiritual search so that we can abide in the one Self. In thisway, seekers become finders, and we can enjoy the bliss and lightness of Beingthat are inherently ours.

Find the Seeker has garnered extensive praise from spiritual teachers:

"A unique, extraordinary and extremely valuable work." - Ihaleakala Lew Pen
"Disarming and worth experiencing." -John Tarrant
"Refreshing as a clear stream." -Robert Meikyo Rosenbaum
"The book...touches your heart." -Hue Feng

Gatekeeper Press, 9781619848566, 238pp.

Publication Date: January 23, 2018