The Outs (Paperback)

By E. S. Wesley

Curiosity Quills Press, 9781620071748, 368pp.

Publication Date: January 23, 2017



Caleb has been changing ever since the memory-stealing blackouts started.

He's always been the good, dependable, honor-student son, but now his parents have vanished. A voice inside keeps telling him their disappearance is his fault. And the voice keeps getting louder. Taunting him. Threatening him.

And now Caleb's kidnapped a little girl. He did it to protect her, but he's starting to wonder if he's the one she needs protection from.

Then there's his comic-book-fangirl friend, Kitzi. Kitzi knows a secret she can't share. It's locked up in her head behind the brain damage that took away her ability to talk to people. Kitzi wants to help Caleb, but she suspects a connection between this little girl and the Outs--one that threatens the whole world. If she can survive Caleb's mistakes and the strange little girl's reality-bending fits long enough to put the pieces together, her secret might save them.

Or it could mean the end of everything.

For fans of Brandon Sanderson's STEELHEART and Jonathan Maberry's ROT & RUIN, as well as those who enjoy manga like FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and mainstream comics.