The Monster in the Mudball (Hardcover)

An Artifact Inspector Book

By S. P. Gates

Tu Books, 9781620141410, 216pp.

Publication Date: September 17, 2013

List Price: 16.95*
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A monster is loose in London And it's kind of Jin's fault that Zilombo got loose. He tracked the monster to slimy Oozeburn Creek, but how does he get Zilombo to go back into her mudball, where she can't hurt anyone? That's when Jin meets Chief Inspector of Ancient Artifacts A. J. Zauyamakanda--Mizz Z, for short--who has arrived to inspect the mudball and insists that Jin help her find the monster that hatched from it. But Zilombo gains new, frightening powers every time she reawakens. She's cleverer than ever before . . . . and she likes to eat babies. When Jin's older sister gets distracted along the Oozeburn and forgets to watch their baby brother, Smiler is easy pickings for Zilombo Will Jin's baby brother be the next baby on Zilombo's menu? As Zilombo's powers grow, Jin and Mizz Z team up to outsmart Zilombo.