Women of Visionary Art (Hardcover)

By David Jay Brown, Rebecca Ann Hill

Park Street Press, 9781620556931, 384pp.

Publication Date: November 13, 2018

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An exploration of the role that dreaming, psychedelic experiences, and mystical visions play in visionary art

• Includes discussions with 18 well-known female artists, including Josephine Wall, Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Martina Hoffmann, Penny Slinger, and Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

• Reveals how they have all been inspired by deep inner experiences and seek to express non-ordinary visions of reality, reminiscent of shamanic trance states, lucid dreams, and spiritually transcendent experiences

• Shows how visionary art often contains an abundance of feminine energy, helping us to heal ourselves and see that we are all connected

Since early humans first painted from their mystic eye onto cave walls, artists have sought to share their sacred visions with the world. Created in every medium, from oil painting and sculpture to contemporary digital modeling, these visionary works of art give those who experience them a chance to “see the unseen,” realize wider modes of perception, and discover spiritual and mystical realms.

In this full-color illustrated book, David Jay Brown and Rebecca Ann Hill examine the work and inspirations of eighteen of today’s leading female visionary artists, including Josephine Wall, Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Martina Hoffmann, Penny Slinger, and Carolyn Mary Kleefeld. They explore the creative process and the role that dreaming, psychedelic experiences, sexuality, and divine guidance play in the work of these women, alongside full-color examples of their art. They discuss the future of visionary art and reveal how these artists have all been informed and inspired by deep inner experiences and seek to express non-ordinary visions of reality, often reminiscent of those encountered in shamanic trance, lucid dreams, psychedelic states, spiritually transcendent experiences, and other altered states.

Showing how visionary art often contains an abundance of feminine energy, helping us to heal ourselves and see that we are all connected, the authors explore with each artist what it is about being a woman that has most influenced their artwork. They also examine the connection between visionary art and spirituality, the influence of Nature and sacred geometry, and how this creative form is simultaneously ancient, futuristic, and timeless, providing an accessible doorway into the visionary realm.

About the Author

David Jay Brown holds a master’s degree in psychobiology from New York University. A former neuroscience researcher at the University of Southern California, he has written for Wired, Discover, and Scientific American, and his news stories have appeared on The Huffington Post and CBS News. A frequent guest editor of the MAPS Bulletin, he is the author of more than a dozen books, including The New Science of Psychedelics and Frontiers of Psychedelic Consciousness. He lives in Ben Lomond, California.

Rebecca Ann Hill is a visual artist with a wide range of experience in different mediums. The coauthor and illustrator of Ecstatic Love, Lost Dreams & Mystic Visions, she creates illustrations for websites, promotes ayahuasca retreats in Peru, and is a skillful Tarot reader. She lives in Ben Lomond, California

Praise For Women of Visionary Art

“This book literally bursts out at you. The art, ideas, and personality of each contemporary Visionary female artist shine forth and illuminate a vital but underappreciated world of creativity.”
— Rick Strassman, M.D., author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule

“The moral force of the divine feminine is awakening humanity to higher conscience and higher consciousness, through visions now appearing in the work of the psychedelic sisters of Visionary art.”
— Alex Grey, Visionary artist and author of Sacred Mirrors

“I love this book. From David Jay Brown’s remarkable positioning essay to the last image, it is a delicious introduction to the lives of and sensual vibrant transcendent images by a collection of women, any chapter of which would make the book worth owning. Often, it was difficult to stay with the interviews, because the interspersed images kept lifting me away from the prose. The interviews go so much deeper than the usual description of art and artist, including the struggles, the pain, the overcoming of traditional training, and these artists’ surprising insights into creation itself. For many of the women, their art was life-saving; for all of them, it is intensely lifeaffirming. This is a book to read and enjoy; it is a book to cherish.”
— James Fadiman, Ph.D., microdose researcher and author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide

Women of Visionary Art is a goldmine of human potentiality and transpersonal states of consciousness expressed through the interface of being a woman. David Jay Brown and Rebecca Ann Hill have crafted questions that bring up essential aspects of each artist’s vision and philosophy. Their interview questions are like lures reaching into the depths and consistently bring up a kaleidoscopic variety of profound nuggets of numinous experience and handcrafted wisdom. Insights into Visionary artistry as spiritual practice and career path come to the surface. If you are interested in sexuality and mysticism, creative process and methods of inspiration, in navigating the dreamtime and imagining the divine, you will definitely want to read this book and behold the stunning artwork of these masters of the craft. The book itself is a masterpiece of word and image.”
— C. Michael Smith, Ph.D., author of Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue

“We live in times where spiritual art is extremely important in the awakening of humanity. Women have a kind of female sensitivity that is very special in that equation, and thus they have a very important role in the communication this spiritual art has to offer. In Women of Visionary Art we get to learn about the wonderful magical female creators who brought forth these special visions of personal and cultural enlightenment.”
— Chris Dyer, Visionary artist

"Women of Visionary Art is an impressive 8.5x 11 inches, full-color art-piece packed with illustrations of some of the most talented, visionary women artists of today. This array of women artists truly makes you feel that you are part of something larger - a step forward perhaps, where artistic expression and spiritual vision are right there in front of your eyes to be enjoyed."
— Sofia Karin Axelsson, publisher of The Echo World newspaper

"The interviews read as if you are invited to participate in a conversation among equals. Each chapter is packed with full-color images to fall into. The book ends with a list of recommended reading and a bibliography that's well done and an index. The artists share their techniques, inspirations, and setbacks along with years of accumulated wisdom. This is no mere coffee table book, but a vital link in the chain of women’s wisdom."
— Lisa Mc Sherry, Facing North