Cat Striking Back (Digital Audiobook)

A Joe Grey Mystery (The Joe Grey Mysteries)

By Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Susan Boyce (Narrator)

Publication Date: March 31, 2013

Other Editions of This Title:
Mass Market (11/30/2010)
Compact Disc (3/19/2019)
Compact Disc (11/1/2013)
Hardcover (10/27/2009)
Paperback, Large Print, Large Print (11/1/2009)


On a lovely moonlit night, while carrying a gift of mice to a litter of kittens, Joe Grey stumbles upon a murder scene. Behind an empty house, in an empty swimming pool, there's blood, the smell of human death, and drag marks. But there's no victim-and it's hard to prove a crime without a corpse.

Driven by stubborn feline curiosity, Joe Grey sets out to investigate. With Dulcie and Kit following him along a killer's trail, Joe discovers evidence of conflict among the residents of this seemingly peaceful neighborhood: multiple signs of breaking and entering, with nothing of value stolen. And they find something far worse: hints of violence yet to come-and more planned murder. With the help of local ferals, Joe, Kit, and Dulcie must now thwart a killer using the most unorthodox means at their disposal: a criminal's unnatural yet powerful fear of cats.