Christians on the Job (Hardcover)

Winning at Work without Compromising Your Faith

By David Goetsch

Salem Books, 9781621577935, 263pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2019

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In Matthew 10:16, Christ advised His Apostles to be "wise" and "innocent" as they go out "in the midst of wolves." This book shows Christians how to be wise and innocent as they work among people who sometimes behave like wolves. Temptation, greed, dishonesty, and misguided ambition have always presented challenges for Christians in the workplace. Add secular bias, political correctness, and persecution to the mix, and the modern workplace becomes a foreboding environment for Christians to navigate. This is so much the case, many Christians wonder if it is still possible to earn a living without compromising their faith. 

Christians on the Job does more than demonstrate that Christians can stand firm when confronted with faith-related dilemmas in the workplace. It also demonstrates how to go about it. Using concepts illustrated with real-life examples, steps to implement in specific situations, life application questions, and resources for going deeper, Dr. Goetsch draws a clear map to ensure Christians can find their way and thrive on the job. 

About the Author

Dr. David Goetsch has decades of experience in the private sector, as a Professor of Business, as a Christian counselor, and a U.S. Marine. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership, four Masters Degrees (Business Management, Political Science/Economics, Counseling, and Educational Leadership), a Bachelor Degree in Business/Technical Education, and an Associate Degree. At various times, he has been America’s Business/Technical Professor of the Year (named by the U.S. Department of Education), Florida’s Business/Technical Professor of the Year, and Professor of the year at his local college multiple times. Dr. Goetsch is in the Florida Veteran’s Hall of Fame for significant contributions to the state in the areas of higher education, economic development, and community leadership following his service in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is the author of over 50 books including Quality Management for Organizational Excellence and Occupational Safety for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers

Praise For Christians on the Job: Winning at Work without Compromising Your Faith

With fifteen years of experience in student ministry, I can attest that Christians on the Job is an outstanding resource and must be read by young Christians starting new jobs as well as experienced professionals to help combat the less than tolerant who have declared open season on Christians.”
— Sean Aland

Dr. Goetsch’s new book clearly demonstrates that for Christians on the job it is better to be biblically correct than politically correct. His proven, practical advice should be put to use by Christians in all of America’s workplaces.
— Jennie Jones

This outstanding new book, Christians on the Job, is a practical 'how-to' that every Christian involved in the workplace should read. The work ethic advocated by Dr. Goetsch is at the heart of everything we do, serving our guests with excellence. A must-read for employers and employees alike!
— Robb Schiefer

Political correctness has taught Americans to tolerate anything but Christianity. Dr. Goetsch’s superb new book, Christians on the Job, shows Christians how to work in a politically correct environment and win.
— Archie Jones, Ph.D.

Christians on the Job is a resource that would bless every church in our nation. David Goetsch’s work is profoundly beneficial for study in Sunday school, Bible study, or prayer breakfast. This is the kind of book I want in the hands of every graduate in our church every year. Over the years, I have found several books on business and vocational excellence. Now I have one saturated with the wisdom of scripture and chock-full of real-world, practical application. These are the very challenges every one of my parishioners face daily
— Ben Rossell