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The Map to Wholeness

Real-Life Stories of Crisis, Change, and Reinvention--Your Guide through the 13 Phases of Transformation

Suzy Ross, Ph.D.


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A journey into holistic transformation that can impact every area of your life—social, emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual—allowing you to live more deliberately and joyfully

Will I ever feel like "me" again? Am I on the right track? How will I reach my dreams and find happiness? Based on her comprehensive qualitative research, Suzy Ross identifies thirteen phases of personal transformation—processes thatform an upright figure 8—to guide you along your path toward wholeness. Readers will learn the map by entering into the stories of two ordinary individuals who face life-changing experiences that bring them into and through the depths of crisis to emerge transformed and whole. Equipped with The Map to Wholeness, we can understand the deeper purpose behind major life eventsand seemingly ordinary circumstances.

Praise For The Map to Wholeness: Real-Life Stories of Crisis, Change, and Reinvention--Your Guide through the 13 Phases of Transformation

“If you’re going through a life-crisis or transition, experiencing depression or anxiety, or feeling like you’ve lost your way, Dr. Ross’s wise, heartfelt, practical, and inspiring guide is the map you need—to navigate this vulnerable and difficult terrain and find your truest self and life on the other side of your struggle. The Map to Wholeness offers you the steps and the pathway to a future that’s even richer, more soulful and thriving than you can begin to imagine. I can’t recommend it more highly.”
CLAIRE ZAMMIT, PhD, founder of

“Dr. Suzy Ross boldly ventures into the space left by Joseph Campbell—dispelling even Campbell’s questions about how we become a new self in the aftermath of a life-changing experience. The thirteen phases of transformation ring clear and true. . . . Ross’s work defines a new lens through which we can make sense of both our highs and lows. I’m thrilled to share her work in all of my circles.”
ELIZABETH B. JENKINS, international best-selling author of The Return of the Inka

“Not only does Dr. Ross give us The Map to Wholeness, but she also clearly and conscientiously shows us the way to use the map. Backed by rigorous research and motivated by Ross’s personal experience of transformation, this book is a generous offering—served up by one who both shows and knows.”
JENNIFER LEIGH SELIG, PhD, depth psychologist, educator, and author of Deep Creativity

North Atlantic Books, 9781623173821, 360pp.

Publication Date: January 7, 2020

About the Author

SUZY ROSS, PhD, is an assistant professor and coordinator of Recreation Therapy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine at San Jose State University, California. She is known as a trusted, compassionate thought leader in the areas of personal growth, transformation, and play as medicine. The Map to Wholeness is her first book.