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Cover for The Healthy Deviant

The Healthy Deviant

A Rule Breaker's Guide to Being Healthy in an Unhealthy World

Pilar Gerasimo


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Introducing a radical approach to wellness: This self-help guide rejects ‘one-size-fits-all’ dieting and health advice to offer practical strategies and tools for getting healthy—your way.

What kind of society makes being healthy and happy so difficult that only a single-digit percentage of the population can hope to pull it off? The answer: A sick society.
And within a sick society—one where illness, anxiety, and depression are the prevailing norms—what does it mean to be one of the few people to beat those unhealthy odds? It means bucking a lot of your society’s norms and rejecting a lot of its conventional health prescriptions. It also means acknowledging a disturbing truth: If you aren’t breaking the rules, you’re probably breaking yourself. That’s the simple, provocative philosophy behind The Healthy Deviant, one seasoned health journalist’s quest to reframe healthy choices as a positive form of social rebellion.
Combining hand-drawn infographics and statistics with insights from sociology, psychology, evolutionary biology, functional medicine, and the school of hard knocks, this category-defying book rejects the idea that diet and exercise alone can save us—or are even the best places to start. Gerasimo’s 14-day Healthy-Deviant Adventure Program presents a series of powerful perspective shifts and simple daily practices—plus illustrations, infographics, worksheets, reminders, and progress tracking tools—that put you firmly back in charge of your own wellbeing.
Part manifesto, part whispered wake-up call, The Healthy Deviant is a modern-day survival guide for being a healthy person in an unhealthy world. Starting now.

Praise For The Healthy Deviant: A Rule Breaker's Guide to Being Healthy in an Unhealthy World

“First, she created the best health and fitness magazine on the planet. Then a brilliant mobile app. Now this extraordinary book. Pilar’s work is life-changing, world-changing. The Healthy Deviant is going to make a huge difference for a whole lot of people.”
—MARK HYMAN, MD, director of Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and 11x New York Times best-selling author
“In a world where following the norms makes us sick, sad, and exhausted, the principle of Healthy Deviance is a powerful, beautiful game-changer—one that can help us radically transform our lives and our world.”
—DALLAS HARTWIG, New York Times best-selling author of The Whole30
“Pilar is a rock star in healthy living and a true visionary. I respect her work enormously. Her call for Healthy Deviance couldn’t come at a better time.”
—FRANK LIPMAN, MD, New York Times best-selling author of The New Health Rules
“Pilar is arguably the most enlightened health expert in America. And this is one of the most exciting health books I’ve seen in ages.”
—DAN BUETTNER, National Geographic Fellow and New York Times best-selling author of The Blue Zones
“Magical, wise, important, dead on, vital, disruptive—those are the words I’d use to describe Pilar and her Healthy Deviant work.”
—GENEEN ROTH, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Women, Food and God
“In The Healthy Deviant, Pilar bypasses all the usual hype and hyperbole to put vitality within reach for all. If you’re trying to get healthier, this is the book you want to read now.”
—DAVID PERLMUTTER, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Grain Brain
“Pilar is a wellness trailblazer. I’m proud to call her a friend and a sister revolutionary.”
—KRIS CARR, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Diet
“Pilar has changed my life (no joke) and she’s about to change yours with this book. Read it. You can thank me later.”
—CARL RICHARDS, New York Times “Sketch Guy” columnist and author of The Behavior Gap

North Atlantic Books, 9781623174255, 360pp.

Publication Date: January 7, 2020

About the Author

PILAR GERASIMO is an award-winning health journalist, founding editor-in-chief of Experience Life magazine (national paid circulation 750,000; estimated reach 3.2 million), and the creative force behind the popular mobile app, "101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy." Gerasimo previously served as the top editor of Healthy Living for Huffington Post, where she was also a longtime blogger. She co-hosts The Living Experiment podcast ( with Whole30 founder Dallas Hartwig, which earned a top-five spot on iTunes in its first week. A frequent speaker, workshop leader, and expert guest for radio and TV, Gerasimo is currently serving as Chief Creative Officer for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She splits her time between New York City and her family's organic farm in western Wisconsin. Learn more at