Ice Cold (Hardcover)

By Andrea Maria Schenkel

Quercus, 9781623657208, 192pp.

Publication Date: June 2, 2015

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Andrea Maria Schenkel's second novel Ice Cold recreates Munich, Germany in the 1930s to revisit a terrible crime, and offers thrilling crime fiction that draws on historical events. Ice Cold, like The Murder Farm, is told through several voices and documentation, including interrogation logs, witness statements, and the murderer's own internal monologue.

Munich in the late 1930s-the first years of fascism and the last before the war-is a dangerous place. Kathie is desperate to leave her sheltered village life and sets out for the city, determined that she'll get by, one way or another. She is dark-haired, buxom and pretty, like the women who recently disappeared without a trace.

Young women are being found around Munich, abused and murdered. Josef Kalteis has been arrested, but is he really responsible for all those misdeeds? Did they execute the wrong one while the murderer is still on the loose?

Lost somewhere in between her naive search for luck and existential concerns, occasional prostitution and the desire for true love, Kathie is in grave danger.

About the Author

Andrea Maria Schenkel lives with her family near Regensburg, in Bavaria, Germany. On publication in Germany, her first novel, The Murder Farm, won the German Crime Prize as well as the Friedrich-Glauser Prize.

Praise For Ice Cold

"[Ice Cold] packs a far harder punch and lingers longer in the mind than many a longer, more convoluted work."—Laura Wilson, The Guardian

This novel is vivid, bleak and short . . . The novel certainly has power, and the story of the murderer (ignorant, violent and yet passive when confronted by authority) and his victims, as well as the other characters, is starkly memorable, not least because of the ability of the author to convey experiences from her characters' perspectives and with their emotions."—Maxine Clarke, Eurocrime

"From the propaganda of the Nazi politicians through the desperate lives of ordinary Munich citizens to the troubles of the sexually abused heroine, Schenkel marshals her material to fashion a novel that for all its brevity conveys an ambitious scale."—Barry Forshaw, The Daily Mail

"Schenkel, whose first novel, The Murder Farm, earned comparisons to In Cold Blood, draws readers in slowly with her extremely dispassionate style. As the oddities escalate . . . the book acquires a numbing power. Those who believe fiction needs sympathetic characters to involve the reader will meet their match in Schenkel. Schenkel's second novel, a No. 1 seller in Germany, takes leave from mainstream crime fiction with its merciless depiction of a rapist killer and his victims."—Kirkus Reviews

"Engaging . . . Schenkel marshals her material to fashion a novel that for all its brevity conveys an ambitious scale."—Express

"In the very ordinariness of Kathie's sorry fate after only a week in Munich, and in the plausibility of Kalteis's self-justifications, Schenkel illustrates one of the bleakest tragedies of modern times: that so many saw what was happening, yet no one really reacted-a metaphor for the Holocaust to come."
Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"short, dark, and haunting --difficult to put down"—Killer Nashville

"the close reader is rewarded with story: tragedy unencumbered with sentiment, and brutality served up cold as ice."—Historical Novel Society