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Cover for The 10 Essential Hugs of Life

The 10 Essential Hugs of Life

Roy Spence, Jared Dunten (Illustrator)


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Roy Spence was raised in a family of huggers. When his dad Big Roy, the biggest hugger of them all passed away at the age of ninety-five, Roy Jr. started the healing process and discovered a more profound purpose behind the power of hugs.
Roy inherited his dad's way of greeting both friends and strangers alike with a hug. In his journey from small-town Texas boy to CEO of a nationally acclaimed advertising agency, he hugged heads of state and CEOs, waitresses and receptionists, the famous and the salt of the earth. And he used hugs to mend fences, to get over it and get on with it, and to spread a little good in the world.
In the "10 Essential Hugs of Life," Roy shares the inspiring lessons he has learned from practicing what his dad taught him anyone worth meeting is worth hugging with the hope that others will take up the call to put a little more joy in the lives of those we touch, including our own. We simply need to hug ourselves first, hug our faith and our flags, our friends and family, our fears and failures, our firsts, our futures, and our finals. When we embrace all of the people and events that make us who we are, we discover deep wells of love.
With warm Texas charm and stirring artwork, "The 10 Essential Hugs of Life" reveals a path to healing, to goodness, to a future full of love and hope.

Greenleaf Book Group, 9781626340268, 142pp.

Publication Date: November 5, 2013

About the Author

Roy Spence grew up in Brownwood, Texas, and today is chairman and cofounder of GSD&M. The agency has helped grow some of the world s most successful brands and has made a difference in communities around the country and the world. Roy is author or coauthor of "The Amazing Faith of Texas, It s Not What You Sell, It s What you Stand For, "and "Don t Mess With Texas." He is also founder and CEO of the Purpose Institute, helping companies discover their purpose. He is the proud father of three kids, and lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Mary. Jared Dunten is an artist and writer who lives in Austin, Texas. In 2000, Jared broke his neck when he dove into the Rio Grande River, becoming paralyzed from the neck down. He did not let his paralysis stop him from building the life he always wanted. He married the love of his life, has had two beautiful boys, learned to paint with his mouth, and continues to write for GSD&M. "