Your Hands: How They Shape and Reveal Your Nature (Paperback)

How They Shape and Reveal Your Nature

By Connie Leas

Mill City Press, Inc., 9781626520516, 208pp.

Publication Date: April 16, 2013



Your Hands: How They Shape and Reveal Your Nature explains how our hands and brains imprint each other in ways that ultimately find expression in our gestures, handedness, palms, prints, handwriting, and more. In so doing, it brings to light little-known yet fascinating results of scientific research, such as—

· Children who are allowed to gesture perform significantly better on tests to recall words than when keeping their hands still.

· College-educated lefties earn more than their right-handed counterparts.

· The length of your ring finger relative to your index finger can predict sports ability.

· Abnormal palm lines indicate Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.

· On the basketball court, the amount of touching among teammates correlates with success.

Praise For Your Hands: How They Shape and Reveal Your Nature

“A fun, entertaining, interesting and well-crafted book that I would think millions of people would truly enjoy.”

“All I can is wow! It is SO well written and available to the reader. Just the right amount of science and references with a smooth blend of 'narration'. I am already looking at the world differently—the mark of a truly exceptional book.”

“The book is both interesting and entertaining, and I find pleasure in the clarity of your thought and your writing. You take giant concepts and reduce them to the understandable.”

“Your book enhances my appreciation of hands and of the complexity and wonder of life”.