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Cover for The Resilient Investor

The Resilient Investor

A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money

Hal Brill, Michael Kramer, Christopher Peck, Jim Cummings (Editor)


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If you want to build a better life and a better world—and really be prepared for any possible future in these turbulent times—you need to become a resilient investor! This trailblazing guide will expand your ideas of investing way beyond Wall Street. Your time, your energy, and the things you own are investments too, and you’ll learn to diversify them in ways that move you toward your life goals.

The Resilient Investment Map lays out all your assets—personal and physical as well as financial—and then provides three essential, timely strategies (Close to Home, Sustainable Global Economy, and Evolutionary Investing) that will help you grow each of them. The goal is to become more resilient: able to anticipate disturbance, rebuild as necessary, and improve when possible. You’ll discover that the choices making you more resilient also enhance our communities, our economy, and the planet—building real wealth for all.

Praise For The Resilient Investor: A Plan for Your Life, Not Just Your Money

“Brings to investment what the periodic table brought to chemistry—clarity, order, and understanding. Thousands of books have been written about how to live well, shop smart, or save wisely, but this is the first to show, step by step, how to optimize for all three and how to harmonize our choices with our dreams.
—Michael H. Shuman, author of Local Dollars, Local Sense

“To survive and thrive in an uncertain future means being resilient—in every sense of the word. That’s easy to say, hard to do. The Resilient Investor [shows] not just what resiliency means to a financial investor but also how it relates to the investments we make every day in our families, our communities, and ourselves.”
—Joel Makower, Executive Editor,, and author of Strategies for the Green Economy

“I celebrate this book, which lays out a new map showing how each of us can create an ecosystem of investments that helps us thrive no matter what the future brings.”
—Vicki Robin, author of Blessing the Hands That Feed Us and coauthor of Your Money or Your Life

“A timely and refreshing rethink of what it means to invest. The Resilient Investor takes the big view, while helping readers create a holistic investment plan that will serve their goals—no matter what the future holds.”
—Amy Cortese, author of Locavesting

“Today more than ever, investors must cultivate the virtue of resilience. The Resilient Investor shows us exactly how to do so with expansive vision, solid money advice, and practical wisdom, establishing beyond a doubt that resilient investors are, in the long run, the most successful investors.”
—Patricia Aburdene, author of Conscious Money and Megatrends 2010

“This unique original treatment of investing is holistic in the best sense of the word: it connects investing to the rest of your life, brings it down to earth, normalizes it, and offers valuable insights into how you can truly think anew about your money while deploying it mindfully in the service of personal and societal goals.”
—Joe Keefe, President and CEO, Pax World Management LLC

“The Resilient Investor shows how thoughtful investment, in all senses of the word, can both protect and buffer us from an unpredictable and worrisome future. But, this book does something even more important: it also shows us how the right investments can influence that future and ensure it is the one we want.”
—Auden Schendler, Vice President, Sustainability, Aspen Skiing Company and author of Getting Green Done

“The global community is headed for increasingly turbulent times with greater risk and volatility. The Resilient Investor teaches us how to prepare by considering every aspect of our lives in mapping our future scenarios.”
—Carsten Henningsen, Chairman, Portfolio 21

“What could be more important, in the world of ultra-fast trading, rogue computer algorithms and climate change, than weaning ourselves off Wall Street? We need to reinvent investing in the 21st century. The thinking that informs this book is a vital part of that urgent process.”
—Woody Tasch, Founder and Chairman, Slow Money

“This book is brilliant! By redefining and broadening what it means to invest, it helps chart a course toward making the most productive use of both your money and your time and live a more fulfilling life in alignment with your values.”
—Jenny Kassan, CEO, Cutting Edge Capitalsan, and CEO, Cutting Edge Capital

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 9781626563377, 192pp.

Publication Date: February 15, 2015

About the Author

Hal Brill is the co‐author of Investing With Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference (Bloomberg, 1999; New Society 2000) and co‐founder of Natural Investments. He lives in a sustainable neighborhood that he developed on the edge of Paonia, Colorado. He is on the board of Solar Energy International, which provides technical training in renewable energy, and is business manager of an organic hops farm.

Michael Kramer is Director of Social Research at Natural Investments. He serves on the national policy committee of USSIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investing. He publishes a Sustainable Shareholder column at, and is a strong advocate of innovative financial instruments and corporate and regulatory reform. He lives in Kailua-°©‐ Kona, Hawaii.

Christopher Peck lives in Sonoma County, California, on a developing homestead within biking distance of a lovely downtown. He’s a long-°©‐term sustainability entrepreneur and holistic financial planner. He’s taught sustainable finance for many years, including in a green MBA program, and a popular course on business planning. He has a black belt in Aikido, and has been studying Zen Buddhism for more than twenty years.