Cici's Journal (Hardcover)

The Adventures of a Writer-in-Training

By Joris Chamblain, Aurélie Neyret (Illustrator)

First Second, 9781626722484, 160pp.

Publication Date: November 7, 2017

List Price: 17.99*
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Cici dreams of being a novelist. Her favorite subject: people, especially adults. She’s been watching them and taking notes. Everybody has one special secret, Cici figures, and if you want to write about people, you need to understand what’s hiding inside them. But now she’s discovered something truly strange: an old man who disappears into the forest every Sunday with huge pots of paint in all sorts of colors. What is he up to? Why does he look so sad when he comes back?

In a graphic novel interwoven with journal notes, scrapbook pieces, and doodles, Cici assembles clues about the odd and wonderful people she’s uncovered, even as she struggles to understand the mundane: her family and friends.

About the Author

Joris Chamblain was born on January 29, 1984. He stumbled into graphic novels when he was very little and decided at an early age that this would be his career. During his teens, he tested his chops on running a fanzine for six years. At that point, drawing stepped aside for writing. In 2009, he wrote essays for the Ciboulot collection from Bac@Bd publishing. A year later, in October 2010, his first book, Le Recherche d’emploi (Job Hunting), with art by Tyffenn Guerveno and Hélène Lenoble, was published as part of that collection. In 2011, he created two new projects: Les Carnets de Cerise (Cici’s Journal)with Aurélie Neyret from the Métamorphose imprint of Soleil (released in September 2012) and Sorcières Sorcières (Witches Witches) with Lucile Thibaudier, published by Bac@Bd. Nowadays he devotes all his time to writing comics and books for kids, and even trying his hand at a novel. He and his many artistic collaborators have quite a few projects in the works . . .

Aurélie Neyret is an illustrator from Lyon, France. When she was little, she dreamed of living on a boat; collected all sorts of strange and useless things; and loved to hide away and read all night long, to build clubhouses, and—more than anything else—to draw! Today, her approach to life hasn’t changed much, and she works hard to bring her projects to fruition. After a brief time at the Émile Cohl school in Lyon, she decided to squirrel away in her secret hideout (location still unknown) so she could develop her style on her own. After that, she worked for La Presse international edition. She created illustrations for various kids’ magazines (J’aime Lire, Histoire Junior) and invited readers on an adventure with Les Vacances de Monsieur Rhino (Mister Rhino’s Vacation), a children’s book written by Raphaël Baud, published by Chocolat. After several graphic novel publications in anthologies, she and Joris Chamblain put together their first book: Les Carnets de Cerise (Cici’s Journal), originally published by the Métamorphose imprint of Soleil.

Praise For Cici's Journal: The Adventures of a Writer-in-Training

"French illustrator Neyret’s delicate, finely worked portraits bring elegance to this pair of graphic stories."—Publisher's Weekly

"The lessons are breezy, but the art is sumptuous: Neyret’s naturalistic illustrations have marvelous depth, with dense color, dynamic movement, and a fantastic use of light and shadow."—Booklist