Devilman Grimoire Vol. 2 (Paperback)

By Go Nagai, Rui Takatou (Illustrator)

Seven Seas, 9781626926707, 180pp.

Publication Date: February 27, 2018

List Price: 12.99*
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The demonic harpy, Sirene, is out for blood, and she's set her sights on Akira's closest friend To stop this ancient foe, the legendary devil Amon is prepared to fight the armies of hell itself.
A modern, ultra-violent spin on the devilish classic by Go Nagai

About the Author

Go Nagai is one of the most well-known names in manga. With a career spanning almost 50 years, he is responsible for the creation of many popular series including Devilman, Cutie Honey, and Getter Robo.Rui Takatou is a Japanese manga artist who works in a variety of genres. He is currently best known for his work on the recently completed Devilman Grimoire.And be sure to check out more Devilman manga from the 40-year franchise that includes the Netflix Devilman Crybaby anime: Original Manga Series (Hardcovers)Devilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 1Devilman: The Classic Collection Vol. 2Devilman SequelDevilman VS. Hades Vol. 1Devilman VS. Hades Vol. 2Devilman VS. Hades Vol. 3