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Meaning Maker

Secrets to the Heart-Mind Connection

Cinthia McFeature, PhD


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Do you feel hopeless, disconnected or stressed? Are you looking to regain balance in your life?

This book, Meaning Maker, provides proven techniques to sustain our heart-focus as we make sense of our lived experiences and our life story. The heart-mind connection helps us move into positive feeling states which speaks to the Universe. The HeartPath philosophy is mastery of the heart-mind connection awakening heart coherence. Is our heart the center of consciousness?

In a world where we are often disconnected from what truly guides us, this book reaffirms connectedness in a way that speaks to both scientific reason and spiritual rhythm. The reader will have an opportunity to understand the importance of balance (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional) from a health consciousness perspective. Each person is unique and therefore their healing journey is different based on their life story. Therefore, to fully understand the recurring themes or patterns which emerge from your subconscious look to your autobiographical story which mirrors imbalance.

You gain a conscious awareness that your story matters and is also part of a collective consciousness. In the macropicture, this means that every decision we make will always impact us and someone else. Through a process of self-assessment and thematic analysis of your "lived experiences," you can see clearly a path towards balance. You learn the importance of mindfulness into heartfulness and shift your perception to a deeper "heart" connection to a Divine Source and making sense of your life story will help you to release personal stress, confusion, and at times feelings of hopelessness.

Authors Place Press, 9781628656237, 200pp.

Publication Date: July 2, 2019

About the Author

Cinthia Herron-McFeature, Ph.D., received her Doctorate of Philosophy in Counseling with specialized training in integrated behavioral health and narrative therapies. She has worked for the past thirty-five years as a therapist, social worker, and consultant for private schools, social service agencies, adult and juvenile probation service, and private practice. She has served in the social work and counseling fields working directly with clientele, providing individual, family, and group therapy while utilizing narrative and psychospiritual treatments. Dr. McFeature is also co-author of the book HeartPath Practitioner, nationally released in November 2009. Most recently, Dr. McFeature worked as a state trainer and curriculum developer for the Virginia Department of Social Services and acted as a Family Partnership Meeting Facilitator for several local social service agencies. She also conducted vicarious trauma sessions for local social service agencies with a focus on "holistic" health.