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Win Your War (Digital Audiobook)

Fight in the Realm You Don't See for Freedom in the One You Do

By Mark Driscoll, Grace Driscoll, Grace Driscoll (Narrator), Mark Driscoll (Narrator)

Publication Date: September 15, 2019

Other Editions of This Title:
Paperback (10/1/2019)


• Descriptions of Mark’s and Grace’s personal encounters with the demonic, their pursuit of biblical theology regarding these battles, and their decades of practical experience in dealing with the enemy’s tactics• Teachings on the “Unholy Spirit,” or the devil who makes us more like Adam and Eve than like JesusBRIEF SUMMARY:Win Your War is a practical marriage, parenting, and relationship book that is grounded in the Word of God and focused on recognizing Satan’s role in your life. Mark and Grace Driscoll help you understand the power Jesus gives you to overcome the enemy’s attacks.Mark and Grace Driscoll look at the nature of spiritual warfare in response to Adam and Eve. God has a kingdom where His people are governed by the Spirit. Satan has the world, where his people are governed by the flesh. Spiritual warfare is the battle between these two realities in everything, including our identity, temptation, gender, marriage, and emotional well-being. Some years ago Mark Driscoll preached on the Book of Genesis and discovered an unexpected theme about spiritual warfare that works itself out in all of human history: the storyline of the Bible is that there is first a wedding and then a war. Satan did not show up until a man and woman were married and had a ministry call on their lives. The first thing he did was attack marriage and separate men and women. After reading this book, you will uncover the five fronts of spiritual battle: your relationship with God, your identity, your family and friends, your church, and the world.