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Cover for Jesus, Josiah, and Me

Jesus, Josiah, and Me

How My Supernatural Encounter with an Autistic Boy Revealed the Wonder of God's Presence

Max Davis


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You can know undeniably that Jesus is real and fully-present, even when your feelings and circumstances scream the opposite.

Best-selling author and journalist Max Davis had his life turned upside down when he experienced a supernatural encounter with a nine-year-old, nonverbal, autistic boy named Josiah Cullen. This special boy, who lived in Minnesota, had prophetic visions and messages from God about Max, who lived in Louisiana, even though the two had never met or had any contact. These messages, which Josiah typed with one finger, were packed with amazing biblical insight and highly detailed specifics about Max's life--details that Josiah could not possibly have known unless they were revealed to him by the Holy Spirit.

As a skeptical journalist who pursues truth, Max gained undeniable evidence that God is real and knows us personally. Even more compelling is that the prophetic messages centered around Max's personal prayer life. Just like in John 1:48 when Jesus let Nathanael know He saw him praying under the fig tree, through Josiah, God was letting Max know that He sees us when we pray too, even though circumstances often scream the opposite. Life can be brutal, and we tend to equate pain and struggle with the absence of God. Yet nothing could be further from the truth Regardless of how things may appear, Jesus is real, alive, and fully present, and living in that awareness changes everything.

In Jesus, Josiah, and Me, Max Davis shows you that it is possible to encounter the living Jesus in a richer and more tangible way--that you can cultivate an awareness of His reality and know your prayers are affecting outcomes. More than an amazing account of Max's encounter with an autistic boy that sparks faith and hope, it's a story that unveils the mystery of experiencing God's presence and power like never before

This book will encourage your faith by showing you that you can encounter the living Jesus in a richer and more tangible way. It will unveil the mystery of experiencing God's presence and power like never before.

Charisma House, 9781629998893, 160pp.

Publication Date: February 2, 2021

About the Author

Max Davis is the author of over thirty books. In addition to his own works, he has done numerous collaborations with highly notable leaders. Max's books have been featured in USA Today, Publisher's Weekly, Southern Living, andBible Gateway, as well as on the Today show and The 700 Club. He holds degrees in journalism and theology, and is a faith-energizing speaker for churches and organizations. God is using Max's hope-infused stories combined with journalistic research and solid biblical teaching to challenge unbelievers, encourage those struggling in their faith, and spark prayer revivals in hearts around the world. He lives in south Louisiana under an umbrella of oaks with his wife and best friend, Alanna.