The Underworld of Lesser Degrees (Paperback)

By Daniel Y. Harris

NYQ Books, 9781630450007, 156pp.

Publication Date: July 12, 2015



Poetry. THE UNDERWORLD OF LESSER DEGREES by Daniel Y. Harris is a post-digital and post-human literary oeuvre whose vortices are replete with the language of kabbalah, alchemy, holy writ, and the nuances of digital technology and social media. In illuminating a wide array of literary styles and varied poesis, THE UNDERWORLD OF LESSER DEGREES balances an amalgam between nihilism and transcendentalism by burrowing through the minutiae of self and identity to conjure the image of a post-human self as an inventor, engraving tropes of originality from the littered density of the literary canon. The book scrapes the periphery of form and style, but not to extol a certain impossible obscurity, futility, abstraction, disdain, flippancy, or the realpolitik of viral media. Technology and hyperreality meet Judaic midrash and biblical exegesis in stanzas which seek to create a human being from the refuse of bandwidth. THE UNDERWORLD OF LESSER DEGREES for a new spiritus, geist and religious ethos for the 21st century.