Master Your Memory: From America's Top Expert on Study Skills (Paperback)

From America's Top Expert on Study Skills

By Ron Fry

Career Press, 9781632650719, 192pp.

Publication Date: December 26, 2016



Want to retain more of what you read, perform better on tests, or just remember where you left your car keys? Author Ron Fry's effective system has helped hundreds of thousands of people successfully adapt today's best memorization techniques to their own needs and situations. Packed with quizzes designed to pinpoint your specific trouble spots as well as proven strategies for any memory-based task Master Your Memory is the only book you need to improve your memory power for a lifetime.
Master Your Memory features:
Chapter quizzes that encourage readers to test their memory and identify areas that need the most improvement.
Proven memory retention techniques for students, professionals, or anyone struggling with a specific challenge, such as ADD.
Explanations of each memory technique to help you understand why specific strategies work and how to use them to do everything from remembering when an assignment is due to performing better on tests and presentations.
Memory is a lot like a muscle you need to work it