The Art of Limitless Living (Paperback)

The Joy, Possibility and Power of Living a Heart-Centered Life

By Melissa Joy Jonsson

New Page Books, 9781632651426, 224pp.

Publication Date: April 16, 2018

List Price: 15.99*
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We already are what we wish to become.

Join inspiring, life-transformational leader Melissa Joy on a journey to the heart of interactive reality creation, where self-love is the new normal.

Humanity is in a position that we have never been in previously, on new and unfamiliar terrain. You may be at a place in your own life where you are aware that "tried and true" behaviors and beliefs are no longer working. You may be unsure how to proceed.

Through a brilliant weave of unique language, testimonials, and practical play, The Art of Limitless Living provides multiple access points for creating new self-loving maps to navigate through changing landscapes.

In The Art of Limitless Living, you will learn:
Why the notion that we create our own reality is only half true.
Why heart-centered awareness is key to self-love, authenticity, completion, and transcending your stories.
How to bridge the gap between limitless potential and limitation.
How to leverage placeholders, heart-mind synthesis, and fluid boundaries.
How to overcome problems with family, friends, work, and society.
How to apply equal service to self and others to change prevailing paradigms.
How to transcend addictions and distractions.
How curiosity can transform predictability into possibility and create a new reality, right now.