Black Heart (Paperback)

By Mark Smylie

Pyr, 9781633880085, 600pp.

Publication Date: November 10, 2015

List Price: 19.00*
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The last survivors of the raid on the Barrow of Azharad have scattered to the four winds, each walking a separate path. For some, it is the path of noble service, as the households of great kings and warlords beckon, offering a chance to enter the fray of politics with the fate of nations on the line. For others, it is the path of secrets and magic, as the veil of the world parts to reveal the hidden truths that dwell in shadow and spirit.
And for Stjepan Black-Heart, royal cartographer and suspected murderer, it is the path of battle and sacrifice, as he is summoned to attend the household of the Grand Duke Owen Lis Red, the Earl Marshal to the High King of the Middle Kingdoms, on his latest campaign to find and kill Porloss, the Rebel Earl: an elusive quarry lurking behind an army of ruthless renegade knights in the wild hills of the Manon Mole, a land where every step could be your last, and where lie secrets best left undisturbed.

About the Author

Mark Smylie is the author of "The Barrow." In addition, he has worked in the publishing and entertainment industries for almost two decades as an artist, an illustrator, a writer, a game designer, an editor, and a publisher. In 2003, he founded a comics and graphic-novel publishing company, Archaia. He spent twelve years there, initially as publisher and then as chief creative officer, before departing to return to his own creative endeavors.