The Simpol Solution (Paperback)

A New Way to Think about Solving the World's Biggest Problems

By John Bunzl, Nick Duffell

Prometheus Books, 9781633883932, 253pp.

Publication Date: May 15, 2018

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The SIMPOL Solution, spearheaded by the Simultaneous Policy (SIMPOL) Organization, gives voters around the world a new way to pressure their leaders to address global problems ranging from climate change to mass immigration and gross income disparities.

Blending politics and psychology, The SIMPOL Solution shows how through simultaneous action--through cooperation--we can overcome the problems we face today and our children will face tomorrow.

The authors argue that the chief barrier to tackling pressing international issues is a vicious circle of destructive global competition, in which nations, corporations, and citizens are helplessly caught. Our current economic system--which rewards corporations and nations that offer the greatest profits no matter what the social costs--has the effect of hollowing out national politics and encouraging either voter apathy or populism championed by the Far Right.

The good news is that it doesn't take masses of people to break this vicious circle and initiate lasting change. In fact, key transitions in human history were initiated by small numbers of activists. Already endorsed by leading policy-makers, visionaries, and public figures, this exciting book offers everyone a way to become a part of this important worldwide movement for change.

About the Author

John Bunzl is a global political activist and businessman with a new and compelling vision for citizen-driven global governance. In 2000 he founded the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) and launched the Simultaneous Policy (SIMPOL) campaign. He is the author of Global Domestic Politics, Solving Climate Change, People-Centred Global Governance, Monetary Reform (with James Robertson), and The Simultaneous Policy. He has also published articles in the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice and the Huffington Post (UK) and has presented lectures to the World Trade Organization, the Schumacher Society, the London School of Economics, and other universities around the world. He is the director of Martin Bunzl International Ltd. Nick Duffell is a psychohistorian who has practiced psychotherapy for thirty years and has written for journals and newspapers. His pioneering work on the psychology of residential education has been featured in many articles, interviews, and an acclaimed TV documentary. He is the author of several books, including The Making of Them; Wounded Leaders; Sex, Love and the Dangers of Intimacy (with Helena Løvendal); and Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege, (with Thurstine Basset).