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Cover for Did You See That Dinosaur?

Did You See That Dinosaur?

Search the Page, Find the Dinosaur in a Fact-Filled Adventure

Riley Black


List Price: 8.99*
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Dig into the world of dinosaurs in these seek and find puzzles for kids--can you spot them all?

Have you ever wanted to see a real, live dinosaur? Kid paleontologists Ava and Mateo set their time machine to the Mesozoic Era--and they want you to come, too

Unearth the lost items in this search and find book for kids as you time travel through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods. From the lizard-munching Plateosaurus to the insect-eating Caelestiventus, learn everything about super cool and super huge dinosaurs and reptiles, as well as what the world was like millions of years ago.

This search and find book for kids includes:

  • Find the fossils--Dig your way through this search and find book for kids to find lost tools, dinosaur bones, and more
  • Prehistoric profiles--Visit 15 amazing dinos and reptiles to learn all about their life and environment
  • Dino-mite illustrations--Check out totally awesome illustrations of winged, fanged, and clawed dinosaurs in this search and find book for kids--along with never-before-seen findings

Solve the mysteries and make amazing discoveries in the wonderful age of dinosaurs.

Rockridge Press, 9781641527064, 56pp.

Publication Date: September 29, 2020