The Legend of Linova (Paperback)

The Lamplighter's Daughter

By Jupiter J. Makins

Morgan James Fiction, 9781642794182, 226pp.

Publication Date: November 12, 2019

List Price: 13.95*
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When a ten-year-old girl unexpectedly time jumps, she has to discover her destiny to save the land of Linova while meeting both allies and enemies.

Sarah Hull led a normal life in 1875, Brighton, England, as the daughter of a lamplighter until her tenth birthday. On the morning of her birthday, strange beasts chase Sarah and her father through the streets looking for Elizabeth--Sarah's mother who disappeared when she was four. Trapped by the beasts and in the height of shock and fear, Sarah disappears and then reappears in a different time and place ... alone. Sarah is forced into an adventure as she tries to find a way back to her father while staying away from the beasts who are hunting her down. Along the way, she meets a boy with the same time jumping problem, who is also hunted by the beasts. Together they must discover their powers, explore who they really are, and learn about the world they are destined to save.

The Legend of Linova: The Lamplighter's Daughter is the first in a series that chronicles princess Sarah Hull's destiny as she gathers the guardians of the five realms of humankind and travels to another dimension filled with mythical creatures, magic, and powers to save the Land of Linova from the dark forces of Rorgimor. In Jupiter Makins' imaginative world, young readers realize there is a solution to every problem and learn self-reliance and inner strength from a strong female character and her male counterpart.