Louis XIV (Hardcover)

The Power and the Glory

By Josephine Wilkinson

Pegasus Books, 9781643130156, 480pp.

Publication Date: March 5, 2019

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Louis believed himself to be semi-divine. His self-identification as the Sun King, which was reflected in iconography by the sun god, Apollo, influenced every aspect of Louis's life: his political philosophy, his wars, and his relationships with courtiers and subjects.

As a military strategist, Louis's capacity was ambiguous, but he was an astute politician who led his country to the heights of sophistication and power--and then had the misfortune to live long enough to see it all crumble away. As the sun began to set upon this most glorious of reigns, it brought a gathering darkness filled with the anguish of dead heirs, threatened borders, and a populace that was dangerously dependent upon--but greatly distanced from--its king.