Light of Darkness (Hardcover)

By Lonnie Davidson

BHC Press, 9781643970165, 308pp.

Publication Date: October 17, 2019

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Paperback (10/17/2019)

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Kyle Ross has been having the same dream every night for a month. A dream of war between the light and the underworld. A dream of blood. A dream of death.

Last night, the dream came to an end. Finally, his mind can be at ease and he can focus on what's important in his life: school, girls and his upcoming birthday. But when the dreams return, even more ominous and vivid than before, he is suddenly cast into a hidden world of darkness.

Now things are going crazy. A demonic messenger of war has appeared in the city, stirring up trouble. Kyle's family secrets are being shoved in his face. And he, like the world around him, may be even more than what he seems.

Will Kyle be torn apart by the rising darkness, or will he manage to find himself and save everyone he loves from the impending storm.