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Cover for Inviting Angels into Your Life

Inviting Angels into Your Life

Assistance and Support from the Angelic Realm

Kathryn Hudson


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A powerful, step-by-step manual for living joyfully with the help of the angels and Archangels

• Offers simple and practical exercises to connect with 15 Archangels, access angelic help and healing, and manage your energy levels and higher vibration in a chaotic and demanding world

• Explains when each Archangel becomes active, notes their color and associated crystal, and offers a visualization to connect with each angel

• Shows how to safely open the channel to communicate with the angelic realm and how to co-create with the angels

Angels come to us in many ways: through the lyrics of a song we hear, a timely hand on the shoulder, or a book we happen upon. Angels come to our aid to help us feel safe and help our hearts open wide, so our light and our love shine through.

After a powerful visit from an angel helped her transform her fast-paced, chaotic, and addiction-filled Manhattan banker lifestyle, author Kathryn Hudson decided to pay it forward and help others discover that each of us is surrounded by angels to help us. In this book, she shows how to safely open the channel to communicate with the angelic realm in order to access the help the angels are so willing to provide. She offers simple and practical exercises for connecting with 15 Archangels and shows how each of these Archangels brings specific Divine qualities to assist and support you. She explains when each Archangel becomes active, notes a color and a crystal associated with them, and offers a unique visualization exercise to connect with the essence of the individual angel, inviting this quality into your life. Each angel also provides a powerful message about this turning point in human evolution.

Exploring inner child work, chakra practices, and exercises for purification and harmonization of relationships, Kathryn reveals the importance of releasing the weight of the past in order to open up to angelic guidance about the future. Working with angelic healing, she shows how to handle our energy levels in a chaotic and draining world and maintain a higher vibration. Taking you from simple questions and requests to direct experience and actual co-creation with the angelic realm, this guide reveals how to team up with our friends in high places to open your heart and live out your highest and best version of yourself in this life.

Praise For Inviting Angels into Your Life: Assistance and Support from the Angelic Realm

“Kathryn Hudson has a beautiful gift for sharing angelic wisdom. In Inviting Angels into Your Life, she combines practical, down-to-earth tools with uplifting rituals, processes, and evidential stories to help you embrace your special connection to these divine messengers. A lovely book that brings some much-needed reassurance from the higher realms at this time.”
— Alexandra Wenman, angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, healer, and author of Archangel Fire Orac

“Kathryn Hudson’s book, Inviting Angels into Your Life, is a wonderful read. She not only describes very clearly what Angels are but also how to integrate the Angelic teachings into our daily life. Kathryn is an amazing teacher, and I have seen her at work many times. For me she is a living Angel among us, sharing her teachings with love and compassion. I highly recommend her book to those who want to delve deeply into the realm of Angels and let their inner Angel shine forth.”
— Frans Stiene, co-founder of the International House of Reiki and author of The Inner Heart of Reiki

“At a time when we need Angels the most, Inviting Angels into Your Life is a bolstering and enjoyable resource and step-by-step manual for those of us who want to be more connected to--and, above all, aided by--Angels. Her fresh, intimate style brings us right into her connection with the Angelic world and invites us to feel at home there. The exercises are surprising in their power and simplicity--with an element of discovery and fun! As a veteran of Angelic connection, I am pleased to highly recommend working with Kathryn through this book and beyond.”
— Kathy Tyler, co-creator of The Original Angel Cards and The Transformation Game

“Like an able surfer gliding easily forward on a wave, I flowed through Inviting Angels into Your Life easily from exercise to exercise on a sort of Angelic wave, rendering my connection all the more tangible and fluid. Kathryn invites us to step into the driver’s seat and recognize that our body is the vehicle that brings us into contact most directly with the Angelic realm and that the Angels (at our invitation) can assist and lift any barriers that crop up on our path. With this, the book facilitates more light and more joy in our life. What is unique is that this book recognizes and does not demean our human aspect. Yes, we are light, but we are also very human, with all of the emotions and experiences that entails. But what a relief, with the help of this book, to invite Angels in and to appreciate the immediate results of more ease and more peace on all levels. Often the most difficult step is opening that door to the Angels, inviting them in. Thanks to Kathryn, this movement is now simple.”
— Thomas Phelip, Angel Therapist and author

"I’ve read a lot of books on angels over the years, but Inviting Angels into Your Life resonated with me more than most books on this topic. Kathryn describes what angels are (without being clinical in nature or getting bogged down with the hierarchy of the angelic realm) and brings them to the reader in ways that we can truly interact with them on an everyday basis. I highly recommend Inviting Angels Into Your Life for those new to working with angels as well as those who have been tapping into the angelic realm for a while. I’ve taken Kathryn’s suggestion to “talk” to my guardian angel during the day, as I would a friend. Angels as friends! Use this book to invite them in!"
— Anne Greco, Musing Mystical

Findhorn Press, 9781644111727, 240pp.

Publication Date: September 15, 2020

About the Author

Kathryn Hudson is a certified Angel Therapy and Crystal Healing practitioner and teacher. Also a Reiki Master teacher, Kathryn writes, speaks, and teaches all over the world on opening up to the spiritual side of life. She lives in France and in the United States.