Darksight (Paperback)

By DC Mallery

Black Opal Books, 9781644370612, 358pp.

Publication Date: June 8, 2019

List Price: 15.49*
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Twenty-four-year-old Audra Carter, a deejay in Manhattan, won't let mere blindness keep her from living life her way, sometimes even riding her bicycle through town, using her keen hearing and uncanny instincts to guide her. This is all much to the dismay of her father, Jenson, a neuroscientist who has devoted his career to finding a cure for her particular form of blindness. He now believes he has. With a number of test subjects, including Audra, Jenson takes his research to the next level, only to face apparent failure. Before long, a string of bizarre deaths involving the test subjects alarms Jensen and the FBI. Jensen is blamed for those deaths and fears his experiment was hijacked. Soon, Audra is kidnapped. As Jenson races to discover the truth, avoid the FBI, and save his daughter, Audra struggles with her captors and with a new and dangerous kind of seeing: darksight. Audra must not only master her mysterious darksight vision and fight oncoming madness, but also confront her past, to keep them both alive.