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Cover for Doll Crimes

Doll Crimes

Karen Runge


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'It's not that there aren't good people in the world. It's that the bad ones are so much easier to find.'

A teen mother raises her daughter on a looping road trip, living hand-to-mouth in motel rest stops and backwater towns, stepping occasionally into the heat and chaos of the surrounding cities. A life without permanence, filled with terrors and joys, their stability is dependent on the strangers--and strange men--they meet along the way. But what is the difference between the love of a mother, and the love of a friend? And in a world with such blurred lines, where money is tight and there's little outside influence, when does the need to survive slide into something more sinister?

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing--Tales from the Darkest Depths.

Interview with the author:

What makes your Doll Crimes novel so special?

Karen Runge: This novel aims to broach difficult subjects, handling delicate truths with care, respect and empathy. Doll Crimes engages with a sensitive topic from a unique perspective. This is a story about the ultimate type of betrayal, and offers insights into what happens when a blinded soul finally discovers its wounds.

Tell us more about your lead character.

Karen Runge: She's a girl too innocent to know she's lost her innocence. Isolated by her mother, her world is a cage she cannot recognise. Nameless, she is kept blank and malleable. As she matures and her inner life and personal desires develop, she begins to recognise the walls which entrap her.

Why should readers give your work a try?

Karen Runge: In my work I try to explore aspects of life that are vivid, emotive, and recognisable in the real world. The bloodier the steps, the darker the stain. There's a lot of beauty and complexity in psychological/trauma horror--perhaps more so when handled with empathy and care.

Crystal Lake Publishing, 9781646693146, 222pp.

Publication Date: November 7, 2019