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Cover for Instinct or Learned?

Instinct or Learned?

E. Glenn Tickner


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Hardcover (1/14/2021)


A patient of a psychiatrist suffers recurring nightmares concerning the Oklahoma City bombing. The psychiatrist suspects that the patient is experiencing nightmares caused by another personality in his head, and this personality X is attempting to take control of the patient. The psychiatrist uses hypnosis to access X, which he does. The patient is losing his ability to fight off this personality on a daily basis. In order to eliminate X, the doctor must know more about him if possible, so the doctor also becomes a detective. In the process, the doctor discovers that the personality is a killer, which accelerates his need to eliminate this vial personality. With the aid of a specialist, the psychiatrist discovers an unlikely surgery to remove a small part of the patient brain housing the evil personality. In performing his research, the psychiatrist discovers the answer to the question of instinct or learned.

Xlibris Us, 9781664151253, 266pp.

Publication Date: January 14, 2021

About the Author

Glenn Tickner was born in Santa Cruz CA in 1934. He was educated at UC Berkeley and Stanford University in engineering. He worked for a science consulting firm at the onset of manned space flight, when NASA asked "What caused the Korotkoff sounds heard under the blood pressure cuff and was the phenomenon gravity dependent. This study launched him into bioengineering, a discipline where he worked until his retirement. He was the first to patent the microbubble used as ultrasonic contrast. During those years, he garnered more than 100 scientific publications including: scientific papers, technical reports, chapters of books, scientific abstracts, and patents. He retired as a bioengineer and purchased land within the confines of a National Forest. He purchased a tractor with ancillary equipment and a one-man sawmill to established a homestead. In the process, he learned to deal with the elements and all of the local forest creatures.