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(Trust) Falling For You (Digital Audiobook)

By Charish Reid, Morae Brehon (Narrator)

Publication Date: September 20, 2021


Yolanda Watson is the "fun professor."

She makes literature exciting, she brings students donuts for Finals Week, and her colleagues love her. The only thing that will make teaching better is if she can learn how to write a grant and skip those boring committee meetings. In short, a history professor is her problem. He stole her grant and he chairs the most boring committee on campus. Sure, he's cute . . . but he can afford to loosen up.

Samuel Morris is a work-horse.

He puts his head down and proves his worth at Franklin University. That means no inane chit-chat with colleagues, no treating students like friends, and no shenanigans during the assessment committee. But a certain English professor happens to be full of shenanigans. She's late, loud, and disorganized. Sure, she's sexy . . . but she can afford to tighten up.

They'll both have to compromise.

A university team-building retreat to the woods of Wisconsin will ensure that. After a lodging mix-up, the opposites are forced to share the same cabin for six nights. As Team-Building Buddies, they will: sleep together, eat together, and play embarrassing bonding games together. One of them will have to budge.

Contains mature themes.

About the Author

Morae Brehon is a trained actor who narrates as well as directs other narrators, authors, and celebrities in recording audiobooks. She enjoys the art of storytelling and bringing the words on the page to life for the listener. When not in the studio, she spends time traveling and working on her photography.