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Cover for Defeat of the Wicked Iniquitous

Defeat of the Wicked Iniquitous

An Inspired Epic Thesis and Political-Economic Thriller

William Curtis Woolf


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This book is a fictionalized illustration of the new Middle-Class Capitalism Economic System and the Independent People's Global Enterprise. It is written and designed for reality, to non-violently revolutionize working and poor people's own independent economic power, to build a prosperous, just, safe, clean, beautiful and peaceful new world.In the great Revolutionary War of Economic Independence, the Neo-Caps (the New Capitalists) are ferocious non-violent capitalist warriors. They are the People, the students and working-class owners, worldwide, of the Independent People's Global Enterprise. Together they crush the crony capitalist oligarchs, and the evil Trill Empire, forever. And the People rule the world.

Independently Published, 9781672383868, 378pp.

Publication Date: December 11, 2019