Defeat of the Wicked Iniquitous (Paperback)

An Inspired Epic Thesis and Political-Economic Thriller

By William Curtis Woolf

Independently Published, 9781672383868, 378pp.

Publication Date: December 11, 2019

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This book is a fictionalized illustration of the new Middle-Class Capitalism Economic System and the Independent People's Global Enterprise. It is written and designed for reality, to non-violently revolutionize working and poor people's own independent economic power, to build a prosperous, just, safe, clean, beautiful and peaceful new world.In the great Revolutionary War of Economic Independence, the Neo-Caps (the New Capitalists) are ferocious non-violent capitalist warriors. They are the People, the students and working-class owners, worldwide, of the Independent People's Global Enterprise. Together they crush the crony capitalist oligarchs, and the evil Trill Empire, forever. And the People rule the world.