The Wonder Down Under (Hardcover)

The Insider's Guide to the Anatomy, Biology, and Reality of the Vagina

By Nina Brochmann, Ellen Støkken Dahl

Quercus, 9781681440217, 304pp.

Publication Date: March 6, 2018

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Paperback (2/5/2019)

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A joyful and indispensable guide filled with astonishing, important, and little-known information about the vagina that will equip a new generation to make informed choices about their sexual health and happiness.

The Wonder Down Under
is a comprehensive guide to a miraculous and complex part of the body that too few of us (regardless of gender) are all that familiar with--the vagina. With wisdom, humor, and scientific aplomb, medical student Ellen Støkken Dahl and Dr. Nina Brochmann take readers on a fascinating journey of female sexual organs and sexual health--from the clitoris to contraception to cervical cancer.

More than a user's manual, this book is the funny, frank tribute to the vagina that we have been waiting for. The Wonder Down Under is filled with astonishing, essential, and little-known information--relayed with both medical expertise and genuine empathy. Did you know, for instance, that female and male sex organs are merely variations on the same basic structure? Or that there's no such thing as a virginity test--because examining the hymen cannot meaningfully indicate whether or not someone's had sex?

Brochmann and Dahl have written a tour-de-force about the biology, anatomy, and reality of the female body, examining the many ways in which widespread misinformation and silence about the vagina have been harmful to women over time. The Wonder Down Under makes crucial contributions to the discussion: the book was an instant bestseller that sold out in its native Norway in just three days. Since then it has been acquired by publishers in more than two dozen countries around the world.

The Wonder Down Under is a joyful and indispensable book that will educate readers of all kinds and equip a new generation to make informed choices about their sexual well-being.

About the Author

Medical student Ellen Støkken Dahl and Dr. Nina Brochmann, MD are Oslo-based sex educators who have worked for several years advising young people on matters of sexual health. In 2015, they started the blog Underlivet ("The Genitals"), with the aim of dispelling myths around female sexual health; eventually, the sheer number of questions they received led them to create The Wonder Down Under. The book became an instant bestseller in Norway and has now been translated into more than thirty languages and published around the world. Their TEDxOslo video "The Virginity Fraud" has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Praise For The Wonder Down Under: The Insider's Guide to the Anatomy, Biology, and Reality of the Vagina

"I found myself wishing that I had possessed this book not only when I had been in my teens and first sexually active, but also as a mother...Its user-friendly layout and judgment-free discussions offer lots of information. Whether used as an introductory guide for young women or to answer questions when you think you "know it all," this book has multiple uses and offers moments of delight."
Lorraine Berry, Rewire

"If you are raising a young person with a vagina and a brain, give them this book. And get another copy for yourself. It's delightfully sciencey and funny with a big dose of sex-positive warmth."—Emily Nagoski, New York Times bestselling author of Come As You Are

"The authors are at their best when they reassure readers about the many myths surrounding female anatomy and normal functions, such as menstruation, sex, desire, or masturbation. Practical advice, based on research about contraception, sex, and gynecological problems such as fibroids or endometriosis, is also given in a clear and easy-to-read fashion. This book provides more in-depth and up-to-date information about a specific area than the more general Our Bodies, Ourselves...A must for all women and all health-care providers who work with women."
Library Journal (Starred Review)

"A comprehensive introduction to this glorious body part...The engaging writing, cute graphics, and solid info make this vital reading."
Ann Mayhew, BUST

"[Nina and Ellen] take a logical approach to every aspect of a woman's below-the-belt health. They deliver lots of useful information, mixing in plenty of bizarre facts, weird trivia, and pop-culture references while still cheerfully setting the record straight...which goes to the prime point of The Wonder Down Under -knowledge is power."
Jacqueline Cutler, New York Daily News

"The Wonder Down Under aims to educate women about their vaginas 'without even a whiff of shame'...Fascinating."
Charmain Chan, South China Morning Post

"You appear to have a world map between your legs, with many unknown tracks. This book is your Lonely Planet guide for down under. Travel all over the world!"—Women's Health, Dutch edition