Collected Millar (Paperback)

Legendary Novels of Suspense: A Stranger in My Grave; How Like an Angel; The Fiend; Beyond This Point Are Monsters

By Margaret Millar

Soho Syndicate, 9781681990286, 528pp.

Publication Date: November 8, 2016



Four legendary novels of suspense from Mystery Writers of America Grandmaster and Los Angeles Times Woman of the Year, Margaret Millar
The four novels in this collection straddle one of the most tumultuous decades of the 20th century and display Millar's uncanny ability to craft truly disturbing suspense fiction while still addressing social issues. Complex discussions of feminism, child abuse, and racism blend seamlessly into four of the most chilling tales ever told.
A young housewife named Daisy Harker's world is upended when a blank spot in her memory and a reoccurring nightmare link her to an unsolved murder and a decades-old conspiracy.
California cultists, duplicitous damsels in distress, and dangerously high stakes conspire against Joe Quinn, a private eye who is beginning to feel more like a knight-errant.
THE FIEND (1964)
A young girl is at risk this tense and disturbing page-turner that reveals a web of domestic abuse among a disparate cast of middle class Americans.
The investigation into the disappearance of a wealthy California rancher brings to light the secrets of a whole community this a haunting and complex masterpiece of suspense.

About the Author

Margaret Millar (1915-1994) was the author of 27 books and a masterful pioneer of psychological mysteries and thrillers. Born in Kitchener, Ontario, she spent most of her life in Santa Barbara, California, with her husband Ken Millar, who is better known by his nom de plume of Ross Macdonald. Her 1956 novel Beast in View won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel. In 1965 Millar was the recipient of the Los Angeles Times Woman of the Year Award and in 1983 the Mystery Writers of America awarded her the Grand Master Award for Lifetime Achievement. Millar's cutting wit and superb plotting have left her an enduring legacy as one of the most important crime writers of both her own and subsequent generations.