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The Dawn of a Nazi Moon

Book One

Douglas MacKinnon


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An alleged real-life secret revealed by a former Soviet general is the foundation for the most shocking Nazi alternative history novel of all time.

“Madam President. The nuclear bombs just detonated in China, Russia, and off the coast of the United States did not, I repeat, did not originate from the planet Earth. It is my opinion, and the opinion of everyone here, that the Earth can no longer be defended from the Earth.”

President Carolina Garcia sat in the Roosevelt Room across the hall from the Oval Office and gazed at the four people sitting opposite her in unblinking shock.   

As she looked at the Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Director of the FBI, and the Administrator of NASA, her mind was so scrambled that she could not even remember which one just uttered the surreal and blood-chilling identity of the enemy which just attacked earth.

Praise For The Dawn of a Nazi Moon: Book One

"Powerful women breaking every glass ceiling possible in a quest to defeat an unworldly Nazi threat in a high-stakes battle of the space domain. I love it."
— Jeannie Kranz, Former Senior Congressional Space Advisor and Space Executive

"MacKinnon has long dealt with 'Deep State' issues. They don't get any deeper or more mysterious than this book."
— Marty Martin, Former Senior CIA Operations Officer and Special Forces Operative

"Douglas MacKinnon combines a background in government with the writing skills of a novelist. And so he's produced a lively a thought-provoking story which serves as a useful reminder that we'll face unexpected threats and surprises in the near future." 
— William Kristol, Former White House Chief-of-Staff and Director, Defending Democracy Together

"Simply chilling. Real-world history and space technology blended into a jaw-dropping, can't put down novel."
— William F. Readdy, Captain, U.S. Navy (Ret.) Three-time Space Shuttle astronaut and Commander

Permuted Press, 9781682619148, 256pp.

Publication Date: July 28, 2020

About the Author

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official, bestselling author, and one of the foremost experts on the human space program in our nation. He has advised the federal government for years in a number of areas with regard to not only our human spaceflight program, but also the growing threats represented by space programs of the People’s Republic of China and Russia. Advice which has been solicited and given at The White House, The Pentagon, and NASA.