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Cover for A Graceful Goodbye

A Graceful Goodbye

A New Outlook on Death

Susan B. Mercer


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What can you do when someone you love is dying?

Do you have an elderly parent who is dying, or perhaps a partner who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Where or who do you turn to? What can you do about their quality of life for whatever time you have left together? How do you want to manage those dreaded death discussions? 

Being prepared may ease some of your and your loved one’s fears surrounding death. Doctors may be helpful with medical needs, what about the emotional and non-medical needs?

Susan B. Mercer, a trained end of life Doula, offers comprehensive solutions and advice about death and dialogues, to ease the fear and angst associated with death and dying. Caring for the non-medical needs of the dying person and their family members can bring a sense of understanding and relief to the dying process of life. The creation of a Legacy Project, attending to transition room preparedness, using visualizations, gathering knowledge of what directives are needed, and reviewing choices to be made prior to death can bring peace, ease, and serenity to all family members.

Living even while dying is a blessing you can help your loved one manage, with the tools, understanding, and kindness found in A Graceful Goodbye

Difference Press, 9781683092049, 100pp.

Publication Date: February 6, 2018

About the Author

Susan Mercer of MODERN OUTLOOKS is an End of Life Doula, Kundalini Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer, Space Clearer, Intuitive/Medium, and Interior Designer. Her ability to connect with individuals and spiritual beings have enabled her to assist many clients through their life transitions.  Whether it is redesigning a room, transforming their home, coaching them through life’s upheavals or helping them prepare for their death, Susan takes the time to listen to each person’s desires and assists them in making their decisions with clarity, thoughtfulness and love.

Susan’s experience sitting vigil with clients through their end of life transition has given her insight into what is lacking in our Death speak.  Unafraid of Death, herself, Susan offers a compassionate perspective into creating the peaceful serene space she feels necessary for the ease of passing.  Her philosophy of being prepared and stating your wishes alleviates the fears of the unknown for the client and their family. I embrace the celebration of life while providing serenity during the transition/dying process.