Tales of Havoc (Paperback)

Volume 1

By K. J. Gillispie, S. R. Gillispie

Page Publishing, Inc., 9781683480235, 178pp.

Publication Date: December 21, 2016

List Price: 14.95*
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In this collection of two stories, the questions are asked...

What can the underdogs on a world do when demoniacal evil spreads it's villainous wings and threatens whole civilizations? How can peaceful people survive the onslaught of the wicked forces which terrorize and intimidate the leadership and populace? A team shows up called Havoc Materializing seemingly out of nowhere, and prepared to do battle for those oppressed and enslaved. Using "Rifting" technology to transport them to their destinations, the extraordinary and highly trained humans and synthetic AI humanoids organize, devise their plan, then launch into action, protecting people and other creatures without the enticement of reward. Their extensive intelligence groups give them the real-time information they need to coordinate with others to win the day. Rift in with Doc, Apollo "Gray" Grayson, Wit, Diff and the cute little shadow creature Mynx. Share in the adventures of Havoc as they jump in to surprise the enemies of the downtrodden, then engage in mortal combat against the fiendish influences on a myriad of different planets among the stars.