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Beyond Powerful

Your Chronic Illness Is Not Your Kryptonite

Lala Jackson


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Achieve anything you want while living with chronic illness. Are you frustrated by being constantly sidelined by your health? Do you feel like every time you dig into a project your chronic disease gets in the way? Do you worry that living with a chronic illness means you will never feel well enough to reach your goals? In Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness Is Not Your Kryptonite by Lala Jackson weaves personal anecdotes of being an overachiever living with autoimmune disease with inspiring and entertaining stories of go-getters who use the super powers gained by life with chronic illness to reach massive goals. If you are someone who lives with chronic health issues and are searching for a way to keep running toward exactly what you want to bring to the world then Beyond Powerful has the answers you need.

Morgan James Publishing, 9781683503811, 130pp.

Publication Date: September 19, 2017

About the Author

Lala Jackson has been navigating the world of being an over-achieving go-getter who lives with chronic disease since she was 10 years old and diagnosed with autoimmune type 1 diabetes. She uses two machines - an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor, both of which are attached to her body 24/7 - to keep herself alive. However, chronic disease doesn't run her life. She loves adventures, always has more than a few projects in the works, and doesn't know how to do much of anything halfway. When not speaking or writing, Lala lives in Brooklyn, does work for a non-profit with a mission to cure type 1 diabetes, and loves traveling to literally anywhere with a swimmable beach, whipping up a paleo concoction, attempting to not fall over in yoga, throwing paint on a canvas, or flat out sleeping. Because knowing when to rest is everything. She grew up between Hawaii and Washington State, graduated from the University of Miami in Florida with a communications degree, has a heart for all things multicultural, and is obsessed with recognizing all of us who are beyond powerful - because chasing dreams while living with chronic disease is no small task. She's also a Gryffindor. For more information, visit For speaking and writing inquiries, or for any other questions, email at